Thursday, 5 November 2015

#3-Learn New Language

Why a new Language? 

We need to communicate with computers and for that we need some medium. Language helps fill in that gap. But like our spoken languages computer languages are bit different. They are more strict in form of communication. A statement in computer language is not mood dependent or varies according to the tone in which user has spoken. That is why spoken languages are difficult to interpret and it takes really a good amount of efforts to understand a spoken language easily. Computer language is much simpler in all respects as mentioned a statement in computer language has only single meaning i.e. it will be same for all the computers no matter what. 
Since computers need specific instructions the computer languages is structured in similar way. Many computer languages can be written using English but there are variants in other languages too. 
The statement is confusing right?  We write computer language in English but it is not English. 
Yes, it is true if we remove out grammar from English and just keep few keywords with some known sequence we derive a computer language. These are 4th Generation computer languages. They have been evolved as  computers have been evolved. The previous generations were more tedious to understand which started from just having sequences of '1' s and '0' s called Machine Language then some words like MOV, CMP called as Assembly Language then instructions etc. So a new language is needed to be understood to make communication smooth between us and computers.

C# - pronounced as "See Sharp"  

We will be covering C# in coming tutorials. A brief history of C# is it computer language which is used to create programs on Windows Operating System. The language was born in 2000 under the leadership of  Andes Hejlsberg in Microsoft. The language is similar to C++ in terms of syntax, it is based on Object Oriented Programming Concepts. We are going to cover Object Oriented Programming in detail in coming tutorials. 

Lets revise what we understood 

1) Computer language is not mood dependent or Tone Dependent. A statement in a computer language means same for all computers no matter if you are angry or sad at that time.
2) Computer language are set of instructions which are specific and precise
3) There are generations of computer languages which have evolved over time
4) C# is Microsoft created language which helps creating programs for Windows Operating System

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

#2-What is Programming?


Before we learn programming, we need to know what is it and why it is required? Programming in simple terms is communication with machine. For e.g. when we speak to each other we use the medium language and we provide information or some instructions to other person. Now instead of other person if we switch that to machine this remains the same. We provide information to the machine or provide some instructions. The process of providing that information and instructions to a machine is called as programming. So programming is something we do every day with each other but never realized. 

Why do we need to communicate with machines? 
Machines are a wide range of products, anything that works on mechanical energy can be called as machine. Computers are intelligent machines, machines with whom we can communicate and provide information and instructions. Tasks which are 1) Repetitive 2) Automated 3) Error Free 
4) Time Consuming can be achieved easily by computers.  
All we need to provide is set of instructions to the computers i.e. program the computer. 

What is needed to communicate to computers?
Like we speak to each other we need a language similarly to communicate with computers we need a language too. We need to know English to communicate with a English guy/girl, we need to know Spanish to communicate with Spanish guy/girl same way we need to know the language which computers understands. There are many computer languages till date and every computer languages can be understood by different types of Computers on the basis of which is their Operating System a.k.a OS. Software is a program or set of instructions which are already written. The Operating System runs these instructions. For e.g. To play a Movie DVD you need a DVD player. Here DVD is the software, DVD Player is the Operating system. 
The Operating System is the base for all the softwares in the computer. There are various variants of Operating System 1) Windows 2) Macintosh 3) Unix 4) Linux etc. 
So to communicate with computers having such programs you need to know which language they can understand. Like for e.g. Windows can understand programs made in C#, VB.Net languages. It can also understand JAVA or C++ if it has a program which can understand this language. For e.g. Your DVD player can play movie DVD of any language but for you to understand that language you need subtitles or an interpreter. Here this interpreter is a software which helps computer understand this language.
Similarly, Java can be understood by UNIX also. Now this is not as easy as it looks but for now let’s understand we need a specific language to communicate with a specific computer. 

So let's revise what we learned 
1) We need to learn language to communicate with computers
2) Computers take in instructions and information and perform tasks
3) Software is a set of instructions already written for the computer
4) Operating System is the main software which runs all other softwares
5) Various Operating Systems like Windows/Unix/Macintosh etc.
6) Various languages C#, VB.Net, Java, C++, C, Objective C etc.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

#1-Lets Get Started

The purpose of the blog is to make coding simple as possible so that readers could understand and recollect it. It will not just help readers remember the fundas but also help them utilize it at their workplace. 

Coders are Geeks
Coding isn't that difficult neither it is only an geek's job, anyone can code and anyone can write logic. It is nothing less than writing a language with proper grammar instead i would say that writing a language with right grammar is more difficult than coding. In coding, at least you have tools which can correct your code or you can have iterations to check out whether this code is right or wrong but writing something is far more difficult. So don't worry if you don't know even a bit of it, i will try to make it simple for you. 

Learn daily like you Eat Daily
Coding isn't difficult but it needs patience and practice. Like one cannot eat a year's meal in a day coding cannot be learned within a day. It requires a bit of work to get things started. But slowly and gradually one can pick up pace. So eat piece by piece learn step by step and make it a fun experience.

Set a target, I want to be a Game Developer
Writing games is super fun and to be called as Game developer is super cool why not we keep a target that we want to be a game developer. Won't it be challenging and satisfying once you become one

Lets Start
In my coming blogs i will be describing one concept of programming, i have chosen C# . Net as language to understand since i feel it is bit easier or may be i have a soft corner for it. Either ways will try to make it easier so that you start speaking machine language.